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Originally Posted by Dusty View Post
We've had a spate of rabid skunk incidents within a 3-9 mile radius of here since spring. One of my dogs was out in the woods somewhere all night, and when it came in this morning to eat, it stunk like it took a bath in polecat perfume. It may have licked my daughter's face before I got it in the tub.

It hit me a little later that the dog may have bitten or got bit by a rabid skunk last night or this morning. It's current on her rabies vaccination-due for its next series of shots in September.

Could the dog have infected my daughter if it had rabid skunk saliva on its tongue when it licked my daughter's eyes, nose or mouth? I know it's a far-fetched notion, but you don't around with the hydrophoby.

On edit: I guess what I need to know is whether my dog's saliva can serve as a medium wherein the rabies virus can survive.

Why take chances,take your daughter to the emergency room and have them check her out.........

Just my $0.02.

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