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i know i'm about a year late on this topic but something we carried on everyone when i was in regiment was:

2 cats (obivous reasons, to stop bleeding in a hurry)
1 israeli (can be applied quickly to minor wounds or dress major ones)
1 roll kerlex (to pack wounds)
1 npa (airway access)
1 opa (airway access)
(both sized for that person ahead of time)
1 pill pack (hopefully prevent infxn)
1 3"x3" square of hydrogel (occlusive dressings-sticks to literally anything, better than anything i've ever used)
2 14ga 3" needles w/catheters (needle decompression and if needed in a pinch, needle crics)
1 saline lock kit-18ga, saline lock, tegaderm (used to initially secure iv sites)

this was very small and fit neatly into the little med bag we had.
of course also everyone going through RIP has been trained on tension pneumo's, needle decompression, iv's, needle crics and basic airway adjuncts so none of the equipment in the kit was new. except maybe the hydrogel but once it was explained that it takes the place of the ACS everyone got the idea.
the thinking behind most of this was that initially the most important things are the basics: stopping major bleeding then ABC's. anything beyond that the squad emt carried and anything else beyond him the platoon medic carried.
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