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Thank you for your service.

Hello Everyone.

For starters, Thanks to all you you who have or are serving now. You have my utmost respect and admiration.

A brief introduction. I'm primarily a computer professional, emphasis on network and computer security. I've also held several positions in broadcast engineering. I'm also a volunteer with Army MARS here in Oregon, operating an HF to Internet gateway that runs 24/7/365.
I was recruited as a volunteer fire fighter / medic just prior to 9/11 in rural Oregon and served as a volunteer for more than 12 years along with the day job. Along the way have met many men of high quality, many of which are retired military.
Following 9/11, the nature of the ongoing fire training changed dramatically which really opened my eyes to risks and threats not considered before as presented by Janes in small flip books issued to us by the state police.
As a lurker, I've been reading and absorbing a lot of information across all your fields of discussion for several months. The forums and collective wisdom here is simply amazing and I know I'll learn a lot. Unless I have anything constructive to contribute I'll remain mostly a lurker. I'll carefully consider each post prior to inserting my foot. I'm also am amateur blacksmith so I'm following some threads much more closely than others.

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