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Bike for 45 min
Pull-ups - 5 sets of 10 (I'm able to do 15 dead-hang pull-ups for one set now)
45 lbs farmer carries - 4 sets of 90 meters
60 lbs Back Squat - 4 sets of 30 (each set between farmer carries)

6.34-mile ruck at a 14:45 pace. 30-minute stretch afterward.
I know this sounds terrible, but this terrain... was no joke. This was a backwoods trail, mainly packed Georgia clay with a 1/4" of sand or rock on top. There were many obstacles along the route including downed trees, creeks, protruding roots almost every step, and loose rock. There were also areas throughout of only sand, only mud, or only rock. The elevation inclines and declines were tough at times, and overall I gained about 800 feet in elevation. This ruck began at 1300 when it was 94 degrees in direct sun, though most of the trail was under canopy. No blisters or hotspots, my feet are pretty calloused now thanks to the Tuf-Foot.
Overall, I was skeptical at times of the training value for the SFRE on this ruck route, as the chance for injury was pretty high. I almost fell a couple of times due to protruding roots. However, of all the rucks I have done thus far, this has been the most difficult because every step required all of my attention and the elevation gains were challenging. I'd like to hear what you all think about the training value.

2 Mile run in 13:45 in 95-degree heat. The south is experiencing a heatwave now that is expected the last through the SFRE date at the end of the month. My body is tired from the Wednesday workout, and my run time reflected this. I'm usually in the mid 12's to low 13's for a two-miler.
Mixed bodyweight workout for 1.5 hours (Burpees, rowers, squats, high knees, many variations of pushups, lunges, planks, sit-ups, etc.)

Friday: Rest, travel to Appalachian mountains.

Saturday & Sunday: 10-mile patrol-pace camping trip in the Appalachian mountains. 1200 foot elevation gain from 4100 feet up to 5300 feet. I'm carrying the majority of the load, my lady is carrying some as well. Probably around a 55lb ruck. Not really aiming at this being a timed workout, more of time spent with weight on my back and boots on my feet in varying terrain. Also, this will hopefully give me some more time to recover, I can feel my body is pretty broken down after the past two weeks of workouts. EDIT: Ended up being beautiful with highs of 80 degrees. Nice break from the heat. The hike was difficult with a 1000 ft elevation increase/decrease every two miles.

Monday: Return from Appalachian mountains. Rest.

Tuesday: 5 Mile run @ 7min 28sec pace in the morning. It was 89 degrees out, still weathering this heat wave... In the afternoon: 5 sets of ten pull-ups, 45 lbs farmer carries for 90 meters, 5 sets, while rotating in 30 reps of 60 lbs back squats, 40 reps pushups, or 50 sit ups on an alternating basis.

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