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Originally Posted by Joker View Post
Work on those ruck times over varied terrain. Strive for sub-12-minute miles. Then work on getting them down as much as you can. Try not to run. You will at times need to run duck, but donít be dumb like me and do (did) it almost all of the time.
Thank you for your feedback Joker. I will definitely incorporate other terrain into my rucks and get that time down as much as possible. I've found some great state parks close by that have mixed terrain trails of packed dirt, gravel, and sand.

With only 3 weeks notice to attend the SFRE, I have built my rucking schedule like so:
  • Week 1 - 3 mile baseline, and 4 mile ruck on road
  • Week 2 - 6 mile ruck on varying terrain, and 8 mile ruck on road
  • Week 3 - 10 mile ruck on varying terrain, and 6 mile ruck on varying terrain

I figure it is best to achieve a good rucking base rather than just jumping into 12 mile rucks and not letting my body properly build up. I've done this before in schools like air-assault and my body is pretty destroyed after the ruck. I've been told at the SFRE I will have to run 5 miles for time the day after a 12 mile ruck, so I want to train smarter.

Please let me know if you all have any other insight on how to train smarter/better. Thank you all again for collectively being an incredible resource.
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