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Originally Posted by Malone View Post
Going to SFRE with 20th group in Alabama sometime this year. Not sure if I will make the one at the end of this month or the one in the latter half of the year.

5 Miles at 7:46 pace over varying terrain and lots of hills
30-minute stretch session
5x5 Dead hang pull-ups
4x Farmer carry 45 lbs dumbbells 60 meters
30x4 60lbs ruck squat
A few recommendations from your last workout session.
Work on dropping about one minute off your 5mile run time, and you might want to start on increasing your distance if it’s not already part of you workout plan.

Keep up the stretching, it’s a good habit to develop now and that recovery becomes crucial as you start adding up the years and mileage on your body.

Add more reps to your pull up sets, those numbers aren’t enough to set you up for success.

The farmers carries are good, your training weight is good, but increase the distance. Grip strength is great but without longer endurance you’ll still be hurting.

Squats=good, dead lifts and overhead military press’s overall help with body conditioning and strength.

Last tip, when rucking; hills are helpful but find some sand to ruck a lot, just saying.

Train smart, and good luck with your plan.
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