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Based on a rusty memory ....

Co B, 10th SFGA 1971-1972; MOS 31542. It was either ODA 21 or ODA 24, don't remember alot because it only had me as the Det Cdr and a SSG 11F. We served as fillers for training (Indiantown Gap, Summer ROTC Camp and a flyaway DA training mission to attack a missile base on Eglin AFB. Otherwise, I spent mos of my time working on updating the area study for our UWOA in a certain country.

Memories of 10th Group: Ski training at Sunday River, ME; the big tree in the middle of Turner DZ that you had to avoid; learning to slack rope rappel on the tower behind Group Headquarters; the Group Dining-In where the field grade officers attended wearing, not dress or mess blues, camouflage tuxedos; and my NCO teaching me how to pick locks.
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