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The Potential of Social Network Analysis in Intelligence

I know I have posted this before over SM and analyzing it. I was shocked how an SSG 35F and many others didn't see the need to analysis SM nor even have a "Profile."

The most obvious use of SNA is its ability to identify key actors and entities within a network. Yet just as with any database, like M3, you have to be able to reduce a network representing your, say Twitter network. You can turn out 3000+ nodes and 50,000+ links from just a small population with maybe 20+ influential individuals within that Twitter network. With so many wanting the Center of Gravities (COG), SNA can provide another picture for commanders and event play into the PMESII-PT and ASCOPE.

Now FYSA I NEVER, never, EVER use my own "Profiles" or pages to look into different places and the SM Environments. Just saying.
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