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Originally Posted by PretzelFactory View Post
Has anyone on this forum dropped their commission and went in as E-5?
I did. Too much TIG to go to SFAS as an O, so I tried the next best thing.

I have no idea if enlisting would help overturn your NTR, but generally speaking I have to agree with CSB's comments. Your prior training and experience have taught you to be an officer, not an NCO.

That's not to say you can't adapt and become a stellar NCO, but the mindset shift has been more challenging for me than I expected. Then again, I also came from the Air Force...and active duty. So, not exactly apples to apples.

Let me know if you have specific questions.

(For what it's worth, we might have gone to SFAS together. Were you in the class starting at the beginning of Oct, or the class starting near the end of the month? I was in the latter.)
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