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What I have for PEOPLE.

So, you do realize that between the use of OTC and the pics that state for animal use, you’ve Kidd’s left the barn door open right?... might as well just rub some dirt on it and send him back out! I get that it might be perfectly useable on people, maybe even the same product used on people, but my supplies for IFAK are actually intended for use in people.
I have used and stock QuikClot. The videos show good results with arterial bleeding though I’ve never tested that. I’ve used their sponge on non-life threatening bleeding from knife wounds in the kitchen and it work well. I’ve also used a product called bleed cease for razor nicks. It’s a hairy fiber that sticks a lot to your face but does help stop minor bleeding.
I also have used WoundSeal powder. This is a little packet of powder that helps coagulate blood. It works well for minor bleeding but is a bit more unsightly that QuikClot because it dries on dark red/black. From your pics I’m guessing looks don’t matter based on pasties over the eyes....
I have some Celox “injectors” but have not had a need to use them yet. Mostly designed for puncture wounds/hole to apply deep into the wound. Theory is the same as QuikClot.
Older versions of products intended for hemorrhage control were essentially designed to give a “controlled” chemical burn cauterizing the wound. I’m not aware of current product that still do that but buyer beware.
If you have a FSA account with you healthcare plan, the first three listed above can be bought with it and QuikClot comes in several “trauma kit” bundles. and even without FSA account you can buy there.

May I be so bold as to recommend a more tame companion like a sheep and using Velcro gloves?
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