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In the "for what it's worth" category - I was an SF baby. I was probably unprepared and too immature to really appreciate and comprehend all the training I underwent.
I'm with ODNT: In my 30's I was in much better long-term shape and much wiser to be able to handle the stresses of training. What little I lost in terms of being young and resilient I more than made up for in not being such a dumb-ass and being able to appreciate and understand the training I was undergoing.

I will also say, that it wasn't until about 40 or early 40's that I started to notice that I had a hard time smoking the young guys, and that there were some youngsters that I couldn't smoke anymore. However, I could still operate at a high level and had the privilege of running through an assessment course out in the desert of the southwest when I was 48 years old. I was the oldest uniformed guy out there. Did fine.

Age is a mental thing - if you're mental, it ain't a problem.
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