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Mike Colameco “Real Food”

I’m a little curious what those of you in the food industry/Chefs think of Mike Colameco and his program “Real Food”? I started watching him a few years back. A New York Restauranteur and chef...should have been no reason for me to be interested in him, however within a few minutes of watching him I have to admit his passion, insights, and the subjects he covered completely won me over. Very credible guy and he takes you behind the scenes to places I will never get to, I really came to enjoy his program.

Unfortunately the powers that be here in Colorado decided we don’t need a little island of non political programming on a public TV station ( Create TV). So about the time Real Food would air they switch “Create TV” to “World” which enables the Globalist signaling message to be pushed for 12 hours or whatever before Create comes back on. They do air small minute segments called “The Bite” by Mike at the transition but I miss Real FoodS! I see there are episodes on his web site.
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