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Meet & Greet for the Chainsaw folks

I'd like to give an open invite to PS.COM folks to a chainsaw meet, 4-18-09 at Amick's (1611 N Fayetteville St, Asheboro NC 27203 - 220 to Vision Drive exit, turn N on bus 220, parking 2d block NW, listen for the noise 0830+ to ?)

There will be a bunch of saws there to try out, watch, learn etc. I doubt there will be much advanced sawing skills taught (mostly harmless redneck goons slicing chunks off logs with others equip... like an open range day) but if some want to come out and try some saws in a family friendly/low stress environment... come on up! I have clean/unused PPE to share, unless you are a gargantuan.

It's a little far flung for the FBNC folks... but for the greater Pineland folks, come on up!

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