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Originally Posted by XJWoody View Post
Sir, I'd be reluctant to advise a small engine shop locally. I love my loud toys and place that in the same category as which hospital I'd like to admit my grandkids... D. None of the above.

Carthage Saw & Mower ---- (a fouled up carb from poor storage) after it soundly defeated me.

If one wanted to travel a bit, Amick's in Asheboro (Bus 220, N side of town) is a very good shop. ------- At least they have Saturday hours, which is rare in that business.
Now that I've got time to phrase a proper reply - Thanks. I suspected your first comment based on informal queries of new neighbors. I'm familiar with the Carthage shop (I at least know where to find them) and they're a lot closer than the Sanford, Fayetteville, and Hope Mills shops I have used. The Ashboro shop sounds like somebody I could check out on a Saturday trip to visit the gunsmith. They're enroute and, depending on their policies, l don't mind leaving it until I can get back up there. The problem will most likely be the Poulan Weedeater; it was a little too "pedestrian" for the shops I took my saw to. Unfortunately, many of the shops I've encountered tend to be brand specific. They usually turned their noses up at somebody else's product and launched into a sales pitch. I'm sure this audience can imagine how much that tactic "annoys" me. Like most of us, I have what I have because it was the best I could afford when I "acquired" it, and I'm not interested in somebody else's irrelevant opinions. Whatever happened to the generalist who would fix whatever you brought him and, other than friendly or professional advice, keep his opinions to himself?
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