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Originally Posted by TrapLine View Post
Thanks guys for all the great information. I run a 290 Farm Boss and have been happy overall with its performance. It does a nice job on firewood, but gets a bit heavy for all day cutting around deer stands or trails. An addition to the fleet might be in order, maybe a MS 170. Like TR has said, I have had pretty good luck with Sta-Bil, but after reading here I will drain/run dry.

Now if I could only borrow Mr. Harsey to help fell the 100' leaning pine that happens to be growing between the hunting shack and shed/sauna. Vegas odds are probably 23% that the felling project will end with a construction project on one of the aforementioned structures.

Thanks again.
We have a tree service here, that will fell that tree in small pieces. They are the guys to call when you don't want additional construction work. Maybe check in your A/O.
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