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Its an Uberti Cattleman with a Birds-head grip. I only use it when I am shooting my "crossdraw" rig. I have a set of matching standard grip Ubertis but I have noticed that the standard grip tends to knock shotgun shells out of my slide when I am moving or drawing fast.
Quite a few times I have whipped out my left side pistol and the full size grip tends to pop the two closest shotgun shells out of their carrier. Being down two shells the way I shoot a coach gun is not a preferred TTP.
I spent so many years shooting a full size military style pump shotgun that I shoot high quite a bit with an old school coach gun. Since I am too pig headed to 'slow down' I tend to throw a few over the top. It took me 8 shots to knock down six targets during one stage this weekend.
Since switching to the birds head grip, I dont knock shells off my belt when I draw. Plus - it looks similar to one of the pistols that Doc Holiday carried in Tombstone. (an actual 'Thunderer' replica of the one in the movie was way too much for my cowboy budget)

I am having the same leather guy build me another rig in the same color that is set up as a gunfighter holster so I can shoot two pistols at once.
I figure with a gun in each hand - I can miss twice as fast !!!
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