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Did anyone see the premiere of "Doomsday Preppers" this past Tuesday on NatGeo? LINK

Hour long program, broken up into 3 segments. Each segment was a different person, prepping for a different scenario. When I saw the previews for this show, I couldn't tell if it was serious or if the producers were making fun. After watching the first 2 shows, some of the featured preppers do seem wacky, but there were a few good ideas here and there.

At the end of each segment NatGeo had their "expert" (unidentified) evaluate the person's plan, grade it and provide feedback. It was done respectfully, but not always received enthusiastically by the prepper.

Biggest surprise is that they tell you where each prepper lives. All you have to do to survive is find one of these people's houses and clean them out.

The first 2 shows are being re-aired this weekend. New shows are Tuesdays @ 2100 EST.

Love to hear what some of you think about it....
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