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Earlier this year my whole AO got flooded really bad. 15 feet of water with 60% of the population living in the floodzone. When the guard got called in from a state over, me and my battlebuddy show up in full kit, drenched up to our nipples, asking where to report. I get stuck in the TOC getting coffee for this grisly old MSG (when most of these guard units didnt show up until after responding to worse areas, and hadnt slept in 48 hours). As supply guy for my ROTC platoon I had in my ruck several copies of DoD maps of the area in 1:50,000 and 1:100,000 which I give them becuase these motherfuckers ARE USING GOOGLE EARTH (and their cellphones for commo even though the towers are overloaded.) After an hour or so a 2LT pulls me asside and asks what unit I'm with.

"Excelsior Batt 1st Co 3rd Plt Sir"

"no I mean your Guard unit, who do you SMP with?"

"we're not SMP sir, just ROTC"

This guy throws a shit fit about regulations and how cadets can't support active military operations, even though I'm just grabbing coffee and helping this computer illiterate E-5 type up squad rotations on microsoft word. the MSG comes out to rip my head off about his coffee and gets into it with the LT. 30 minutes later me and my battlebuddy get taken home in a 2 ton, and we're sitting on our front porch drinking beers watching some guy raft down the street at the bottom of the hill our street sits on with "dude, WTF just happened?" looks on our faces. Really pissed me off becuase it was OUR hometown and wanted to do something about it. Ya know pull little kids out of the current and shit. Anyway, we had a stockpile of canned goods and water in the basement, but it got flooded with run off comming down the hill. 24hrs no electricty, 48 no running water, 2 weeks boiling it. turned into a major PITA, and could have been much worse.


The whole experience leaves me with a lack of confidence in disaster response around here. besides, theres no reason not to be prepared.

That being said, my current bug out bag is as follows:

Standard issue MOLLE2 Ruck with Wet weather & Gortex suits, Polypro top& bottom, 3 peice sleeping bag & foam matt. Kindle with small library of FM's and local flora& fuana on pdf in waterproof bag, 6 feild stripped MRE's, duck tape, 100' 550 cord, 50' nylon rope, zippo, flint, 4' gerber tactical knife hatchet & sharpening stone, signaling mirror, whistle, 1 canteen cup, 3 canteens & 7oz Camelback + purification tablets, Maps & protractor, 8x10x16 Binos, med kit. spare change of clothes with crapload of OD green socks. 2 rite in rain notebooks.

Med Kit: dental floss & needles, guaze rolls, cravats, dressings, 1 Tq, double barrel stetho & BP cuff, rebreather mask, Various sized OPA's
penlight & non-laytex hypo allergenic gloves. bacardi 150, ibeuprofin, advil, tylenol, caffein pills, over the counter sleep aids.

theres a large variety of different kinds of sh!t that can hit the fan around here, and I lack the resources to properly prepare for them all. However the one common thread in any scenario I can think of, is that they can all be solved by "GTFO of the affected area". setting up a fortress and holding it off until help arrives is limited by the amount of food&water you can stockpile, and how long you can defend it. being mobile alows more options. Firewood is abundant in 200 miles in any direction, with fire, boiling water from the numerous rivers around or snow in the hills with addition to dew traps cover water year round. As for shelter, the bivvy sack has served me well in sub zero tempuratures, anything else as far as comfort can be improvised. my family was homeless my freshman year of highschool so I can make an abandoned building damn near luxurious. the only real disadvantage of this approach is food. obviously can't carry more than a few days worth on your back, so hunting-gathering-scavanging skills come into play. Suppose setting up a stockpile in an isolated area not likely to be looted would be a good idea. also even the most basic medical training will probably be in short supply, so i suppose I could link up with someone who has some, and exchange one for the other if the opportunity presents itself.

I'll be adding some new items to the list and reveiwing my plan after reading this thread. any criticism/advice is obviously welcomed and encouraged.

Incase I stepped out of my lane here, I'll push out 50 and STFU until told otherwise.
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