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Rapid Boot/Shoe Drying using Shopvac

Heres a tip that might come in handy sometime when you are in a hurry to get something dried out:

Place the hose on the exhaust port on the Shopvac rather than the vacuum port so you are blowing air. Place hose inside boot or shoe. Depending on boot/shoe construction, an absolutely soaking wet boot or shoe will dry in 5-25 minutes. Repeat process on other boot/shoe.

I figured this one out when I needed a pair of absolutely soaked tennis shoes dried very quickly. Waiting for my Peet boot drier to dry them overnight was not an option. I was very impressed with the result. Each shoe was thoroughly dry in 5 minutes.

I have used this on all manner of footwear since.

You are using a high volume of air slightly warmed from the Shopvac motor, and no real heat to speak of. You are just increasing the evaporation rate about 1000-fold. I have not seen any damage result from this on any of my footwear when I have used this method.

It works on socks, gloves, and other clothing too.

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