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Originally Posted by albeham View Post
Next day once Bass Pro opened up, got a 12 volt bilge pump, with automatic switch, one that is used in my bass boat. Its been on since yesterday, 9/8/11, working like a camp and its 12 volts. Its keeping up with the water that is still coming in. Will plug with hydro-lock from Lowe's.
Just re-reading after talking with gent on HF from Mystic, CT (like the pizza) who got some of Irene after downgrade to TS. Idea you cite above is in category my wife would call scathingly brilliant. Thanks for the lightbulb.

FWIW, Mystic man was on city water, a bit higher than town, and was g2g once he was done buying a gen post-incident (at 2x MSRP). Those gloating that they had wells didn't gloat so much when the com'l AC went out as no way to make it defy gravity...
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