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Harrisburg, PA flooding

I got this email from my little sister yesterday. I was pleasantly surprised that she and her family were so well prepared for this hurricane. I forgot that both she and her husband work in the insurance business-claims and adjustment. That might explain their forethought in preparation for the flooding disaster. Good on her!
Hello all! As you may or may not know, we've been in the direct path of the remnants of Tropical Storm (or whatever his designation is) Lee for the last 3 days. We have managed to stay dry and our 2 pumps in the basement have amazingly kept up with the 10 + inches of rain. although they are running non stop. Neighbors on both sides and several in our neighborhood have taken on water. Schools will be closed again tomorrow because many of the roads in our outer areas of our school district are flooded or washed out. The PA turnpike has been closed in both directions from Reading, PA to Harrisburg. Hershey and Hersheypark are under water. Two of the bison at the Hershey Zoo were actually drowning and had to be put down. We're waiting for the rivers and creeks to crest, some 12 feet over flood stage locally. We're away from any direct water threat, but our water and sewage treatment plants are under water and we are under a boil order and may lose water at anytime (Got showers in tonight ;D).

Anyway, we're fine as we can be and stocked up on bottled water and filled up the bathtubs just in case for the toilets and such. We're very fortunate to have come through this as well as we have so far. Just hope our luck keeps up, as the rain has been relentless and with all the rain we've already had in the last month, there's just really nowhere for it to go.
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