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Just spent all Wednesday night bailing water out of my basement, that never had a problem before. Water came in via draining areas. Was up for 27 hours.

Sub-pump working on AC, glad to have generator .

Moved 900+ gals throughout the night by using a wet/dry shop vac. Next day once Bass Pro opened up, got a 12 volt bilge pump, with automatic switch, one that is used in my bass boat. Its been on since yesterday, 9/8/11,
working like a camp and its 12 volts. Its keeping up with the water that is still coming in. Will plug with hydro-lock from Lowe's.

Point is the crap you come up with when push comes to shove....share.


PS that two hurricanes to hit Maryland and the east-coast. Now the mold fight starts.... Be safe be ready
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