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Well, I got caught up on this thread finally. I re-read it from the beginning and the only thing I can add is a couple of tools to carry in the vehicles.

One is a webbing knife like we used for airborne operations or carried on our kit. I have a Benchmade model in one of the overhead compartments so anyone in the truck can access it. I also have an Ontario Knife Company aviation crash axe in my truck. It's exactly like the ones you see in the C-130's, 141's, 17's, etc.

My reason for the axe was I could have used it years ago when I was coming home after guiding for the fall season. I came upon a small pickup lying on its side in the east-bound side of I-70, just west of the Eisenhower Tunnel. I was one of the first vehicles to get there and the FD was still enroute. The girl was stuck down in the cab and the passenger door was proving to be a problem to keep open while rescuers tried to pull her out. The only help I could provide was lashing the door open with a 120' that I was carrying so they could concentrate on helping the girl. When the FD showed up they said thanks to all for our efforts up to that point and then pretty much cut the truck open and pulled her out.

That incident made me think about the safety briefs we used to get from the air crews about using those axes to cut a hole in the side of the plane after a crash landing or some other SHTF situation. I figured one of those axes would make short work of a car/truck hood, window, windshield, or door in an emergency situation. I picked one up for about $60 and carry it in the truck always. A good modern tomahawk will also take any automobile apart as well but I try to match the right tool for the specific job.
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