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Magic comm devices

Looks like pure marketing to me. It's now the DxBm - flashy website, though a number of errors in it. The site is missing most of the essential information, and appears to be devoid of some really important stuffe, like FCC compliance certifications.
It appears to consist of a smartphone case that can have some number of "radio modules" plugged into it, all working through a single short antenna on the back. From the skimpy info and the pictures, the modules are 3" x 1" by maybe 3/8" - so if a radio that size (with a tiny battery) will get the job done for you, maybe it would work!

There have been a number of similar devices marketed over the last few years - the only ones I know of that actually delivered a product used things like 900 MHz ISM channels or MURS VHF channels - which made them legal, if not particularly powerful or useful.
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