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Originally Posted by Mack View Post
Hey SwatSurgeon. Good question. A couple reasons I'd rather use kerlix...1-Kerlix is much easier to open with one hand (one hand holding pressure, other hand opening and applying gauze). 2-I didn't notice an improvement in acheiving hemostasis with the Combat Gauze vs Kerlix. Obviously, you have more experience with it than I do, so maybe I'll give it a second chance, but on first glance, I could take it or leave it. Preferably the latter.

BTW, the Quikclot teabags are pretty cool. Just don't open the stuff on a windy day or with rotory wing nearby, else it wreaks havoc on your eyes.
You are so right...even the tea bags have the 'dust' from the contents. The essential part of the equation is as you indicated, proper's a tamponade effect first and foremost. Most of the time the packing isn't adequate in most operators hands, hence the addition of a hemostatic agent to offer alittle extra....
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