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Regimental Mess?

Just what the hail is a regimental mess? "Mess" to me means "chow." But it dont mean that anymore, in the current army. In the next generation it'll proly be the word to replace "command." That would mean teaching "Mess and Control" to officers and NCOs and we'd have "Change of Mess Ceremonies." Ha. Kidding.

Anyway, got word that 1st Gp just opened up a "regimental mess" facility. Its purpose is to be a social and professional center for 1st Gp. What does that mean? And do all groups have this, or are all getting it?

Also, 1st Group is asking for "SF historical and heraldry items," especially 1st Gp related, to go in this regi mess. Do any of youz know who to contact to get guidance on exactly what type of stuff they are looking for? T-shirts? Sweats? Team patches? It refs the group engineer as the occifer who opened the facility up on June 15th for viewing and operations. Is he the POC?
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