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My family calls me Budd, I am a 21 year-old college student, planning to enlist, and currently considering an 18X contract. After lurking here for a while, my main source of hesitation on 18X is the opinion many QPs (on this board and that I know personally) have expressed, that it is better to serve time somewhere else in the Army before coming to selection. On the other hand, I know that many of the QPs on this board were X-rays and felt they had every opportunity to develop into a value-add to their team. Because of this, Iím also considering the 11X Option 40 to develop skills and maturity, and to be at a unit designed to develop junior Soldiers so that I could be a value-add to a team later. Suffice it to say I feel divided on this question and have been searching here to find some answers.

My exposure to SF is limited, but I did have the opportunity to spend 10 days with an ODA in a training environment shortly after they finished an Iraq deployment, and I learned a lot from them, including some quality marksmanship and a little bit of when to shut the fuck up. That was 2.5 years ago now, and I felt at 19 that I certainly did not have sufficient maturity to run with that pack, but I was extremely impressed by the team, and as I have read more about the UW mission and SF history, I have come to feel it as a calling.

A little more in the way of biography: I grew up on the Gulf Coast and then on a lake, so I love the water and the outdoors. Iíve studied Russian for 5 semesters. I ran cross country in high school and now Iím an amateur/college club triathlete and endurance runner. I race sprint- and Olympic-distance, and Iíve run a 13.1, a few 26.2s, and a 50mi.

Hereís to 50 more some day, but maybe with a little bit of weight this time.
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