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Originally Posted by blue02hd View Post
You should simply smoke them on a PT test and then heckle them daily for additional lunch money.

If you can't.. well then recognize their superiority over you and conduct daily personal affirmations in the mirror until another earth shattering topic pops up.

Then go join an Air Soft clan.

But maybe you could stop posting it about it here? Integrity checks go both ways, and it sounds as if you'd rather vent online here rather than research the Army regs yourself. People who like to point fingers sometimes forget there are three fingers in their hand that point right back.

Worry about your team/ squad/ section first. I guarantee there are other issues that you CAN effect that will improve either yourself or your unit.

Remember, empty cans rattle the most.

(Sorry CDRODA396, I never learned how to apply tact as well as you can, even though you tried your best to teach me.)
Blue it's your candor and sarcastic directness that makes you so damn adorable! Look out Billy, Blue's on your 6.
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