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Originally Posted by Ret10Echo View Post

I'm in the market and have decided that it's easier to buy a house or a car than to select a gun safe. (somebody mentioned that earlier here)

I've looked across the recommendations and wanted to see if anyone had gone through a larger retail/big box vendor. The price disparity is considerable but is most likely due to the bulk buying of safes from the manufacturers with specifications that are different from normal production lines.

Online sales are, for the most part, out..since the shipping costs for most of the ones I have looked at are worth another 10 guns worth of storage

Although the fire rating is something I would consider, I think that is mitigated through firearm the extra cost for 1 - 2 hours of fire resistance is probably a trade off where I would go with something below 1 hour (30 - 45 minutes)

Also noting how some manufacturers have the hinges exposed... that seems to be a vulnerability in my mind.

As an example of the disparity in inexpensive Cannon or Winchester through Tractor Supply is close to 50% less than direct from the manufacturer...although the options on the models do not fully align. I've also found some of the big-box stores that have free shipping to the curb....(or ship to store)

Appreciate any updates on experiences or feedback from those making recent purchases.

Most of the big box safes are made for the absolute lowest price point possible, and all security measures are compromised, from thinkness of steel, quality of steel, body thickness, size and number of bolts, etc., etc.

I think I would rather just hide the guns throughout the house than to leave them all in one place in a crappy metal box that a junior high dropout could open with a hammer or an axe in less than ten minutes.

Seriously, spend the money on a good quality safe, like a Fort Knox. And get the fire protection.

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