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Hey, Frost, I hate to hear you’re going through this. My wife has had RA for 7-8 years and she’s only 38. She has done the whole gamut of TA meds and is on, supposedly, the last one there is, which is a biological called Xeljanz. I know she’s tough as hell, because she never complains, but there are some days she just cries and says it feels like someone is crushing her bones. As the previous post mentioned, methotrexate was hell for her. It made her feel like shit, she was losing her hair, and it even caused forgetfulness. She also doesn’t want to be addicted to pain pills, so she want let them give her opioid Rx. If you ever have any questions or need anything, feel free to ask me (and I’ll ask her, LOL). Good luck and stay positive!
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