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Originally Posted by Badger52 View Post
From your lips....
Iranian Journalists Quit (full FNC article here)

These are watershed moments. It is one thing in a country, as Flagg stated, to see "progressive" (different than the US Commies in the Demokrat party) young people in a mass like this, with such outrage. It is another when members of the establishment working class join them and rebel against the repression so publicly. THAT is actually a huge gesture because it is also these young peoples' parents that watched these journalists for the last couple decades.

Itís times like this that I wish I could read Farsi.

Iím limited to the handful of Dari phrases I learned(and forgot) working with Shiía Hazara in Afghan.

Getting an unbiased and raw sense of news media would be awesome.

Letís hope thereís offset/non-attributable money and resources flooding into Iran to fuel working class based ďsparksĒ.


It would be interesting to learn how Iranís working class is organised.

Unions, athletic clubs, community hubs, etc and what level of surveillance/influence/control IRGC has on them.

I distinctly remember when Solidarity won, and the cascade that followed.

Iím hopeful we can see the same again with Iran, Saudi Arabia, North Korea, China, and Russia.
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