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I'm a 100% barbell and dumbell guy. I've been trying for ages to find a way to implement the Blitz protocol using barbells and multijoint movements. I could use some advice.

If I want, for instance, to work hamstrings, Romanian deadlifts or straight-leg deadlifts are the ticket, but then if I work squats or "regular," deadlifts, I'll be overtraining the glutes, right? Or would that not be a problem, since they aren't the "primary," mover in these exercises?

Would I be better served to do some kind of modified Blitz protocol, sort of a Workout A/Workout B system? Or would I be better served by just cutting down on the number of exercises?

<Overhead presses, hang snatches, squats, Romanian deadlifts> would seem to give a pretty comprehensive workout...

Any advice?

ETA: Starting everything with an empty olympic weight bar, and increase as needed from there.

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