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In a drop leg rig for the care under fire phase:

1. Tourniquets, CAT (3-4) (Easy access to this type)
2. Surgical cric kits (2) ("home made" and sealed with ET tube, shortened scalpel, "hook" to stabilize trach, alcohol preps, and tube tamer)
3. 12ga decompression needles (4-6 needles) with one way valves
4. A couple Israeli dressings
5. Petroleum gauze/tegaderms
6. Trauma shears
7. Pen light
8. Non-latex gloves

The rest of the bag is stuffed with a few cravats, roller gauze, alcohol preps, etc. Most equipment choices are based on what I can get through the current supply chain. NARP used to make a cric kit like the one described above, but I don't think it is availabe in the compact packaging anymore. Keep a lot more stuff in the aid bag to use when things calm down a bit. Stay safe and standing by for critique/advice,

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