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Originally Posted by longrange1947 View Post
Please note the proximity of the antenna post and the tuning knob. I have had more than a few RF burns from that proximity during my few years with that radio. Even after I would bend the wire so the end was pointing away, I would some how find a way to come in contact while tuning. Anyone wlsw have that problem?
I only messed with the 109 in the beginning of commo school. The PRC-74 was the heat then. It would also bite ya. Towards the end they came out and showed us this nice new multi-function...PRC70...AKA BOAT ANCHOR.

It did make a good base radio though, especially on a power supply...PP-6148??

Batteries sucked, DMDG sucked...had to sleep with them....and not for the "good" reason...LOL
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