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Originally Posted by Basenshukai View Post
This is my theory:

The SEALs and their Marine buddies knew they'd be totally screwed (UCMJ and more) once Melgar came out with the disclosure of the stolen OPFUND.

They needed something to put over his head to blackmail him into not reporting their illegal acts. So, they decide to choke him into unconsciousness, have those dirt bags film that video of him, and then present this to him as a quid-pro-quo (i.e., you don't tell on us and this video does not get out).

This is the reason they had to involve two others who were not going to be identifiable to any one in any of the units. The logic behind this is easy. Once Melgar was shown the sexual assault video, if the offenders in the assault were the SEALs or the Marines, they'd be implicated and just as guilty. But, if the video just showed some random guy no one has ever seen, then Melgar would have to consider the embarrassment the video would bring him, and only him.

This is how the OPFUND allegation, and the frat-boy night time stunt fit in together in this arc of a story. They were covering up a criminal act (trying to) and it went way wrong and now, they are facing murder charges, plus they stole one of our best brothers in the process. So yeah, fuck them. Those units need a definite overhaul.
That's what I have thought also about this murder of a brother.
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