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Originally Posted by Agoge2 View Post
Yes sir, I remember those allegations being shown early on during the investigation. It's as though those have taken a back seat currently and more emphasis is being placed on their being drunk and things getting out of hand. If the claims concerning the money were true, it needs to be known and shown that these guys are more than drunken idiots and are criminals who executed a plan to take care of the person they felt was going to reveal their crimes. For all we know, their drunk story is simply their conceived "alibi". I tend to overthink these things, but that comes after investigating homicides for 30 years.
Yes... all these guys are guilty. The "drunk prank" story is likely damage control.. and takes decades off of prison sentences. Whether they intended to kill or not.. .they killed. IF for the purpose of intimidation to cover up a crime then that is a whole different ballgame.
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