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I have a nav disaster story , its a little sad but damn did I learn a lot that night , I was doing a recce course in Nanaimo British Columbia , and if anybody has ever been to BC they know how thick that bush can be especially at night , not to mention it was January so the rainfall was pretty solid , haha and I have to throw in the fact that it was logging season too so lots of fallen wet trees , anyways it was non tactical so i used my white light to bounce around in the bush crossing streams that were up to my neck in icy cold water , also a few swamps , I dont know how the Radio on my back didnt drown me I was doing well for time finding 3 out of 4 points that night on the last point i was more then halfway to my last point where i had to cross a very active river for the 4th time that night i braced myself to be dipped in it one more time as the underwater rocks were slippery as hell , sure as hell ended up on my ass chugging water , picked myself up crossed the 30 ft river and came out the other side to do a map recce , to my shock my map fell out in the damn river , I couldnt not believe it , all I had was my compass and the approx count of paces i had left till my destination , i went on for another 500 m to find that last point , as i did that i radioed in that i found all points but lost the map and needed directions to get back to the patrol base , instructors werent amused , needless to say I didnt get the pass that day and what kind of patrolman loses a map anyways , lessons learned the hard way gentleman and learned a lot about myself that night when i was down but not out

- tie off everything that is essential before any water crossing
- Pace beads are great for keeping count
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