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Other methods


I'm not sure about the policy of resurecting old threads, but in the spirit of exchanging ideas and learning new techniques (as in the Survive! thread), here are a couple fire starting methods that weren't in this thread. I don't know if you folks know these as I'm just a civi and haven't gone to your schools. Right then, to the methods:

Steel wool/9-volt battery: Bridge the battery terminals with extra fine steel wool (the kind used to sand between coats of paint, forgot the number). The juice will overload the wool and cause it to burn without flame (like char cloth but faster). Transfer the wool to your tinder bundle and light as you would any other ember. This is an almost foolproof way of getting an ignition source. edit: Rust will degrade the performance of this method. Also, I wonder if this method works with twist ties or any of the silly looking military batteris.

Pop can and Hershy's: Using the foil wrapper, pollish the bottom of the pop can with using the chocolate as a fine abrassive until you can get a crisp reflection. With enough elbow grease you can make a parabolic reflector. Hold something easily ignitable (I used char cloth as its black, but the brown wrapper works fairly well) with your Leathermans or a couple of sticks about 4-6 inches from the bottom of the can. The light should focus to a point like using a magnifying glass. This one is a pain in the butt to do, but it works. Just don't eat the chocolate after using as pollish. The Al is toxic.

Pine Pitch: Hopefully you folks already know this one, but many of the civi's that I have contact with don't. As mentioned earlier in the thread, conifirs are very flamable. That's mainly due to the sap, which is the basis for turpentine. Find or make a wound in a conifir, and coat/wrap the pitch around your mach. Be careful to leave the match head bare. The pitch will produce a larger flame and increase the burn time of the match. I use this method all he time. It seems that jellied alcohol (hand sanitizer, mentioned in this thread) might work the same way.

Back to the original post, I carry a mini Bic lighter (pocket or pack) and matches (matchsafe around neck) in the field for practicle purposes, and a flint/steel set for fun.

How many ways can I start a fire in the field? Well you guys have all of the fun stuff! No pyro, tracers, etc. Including the two methods above, at least 5 methods. I've read about making a lense out of ice and using it like a magnifying glass, but it looks very time consuming, not to mention getting wet in freezing tempuratures. That's the next method I'll try.

As always, feel free to tell me if I've stepped out of line.

Bill D.

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