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Originally Posted by abc_123 View Post
Bought a 12' yak and some gear and finally got things rigged and in the water for a shakedown paddle late afternoon yesterday

It'll be even better when I actually figure out what I am doing and where to go.

Great start,, There used to a a sub-fora for Florida Sportsman magazine for yak fishing and another for the Florida South West Coast. Use your google foo..

I did a little in the Keys,, yaks are just undersized flats skiffs..

a few cautions:

1)wind,, plan the days wind conditions,, you don't want to be down wind after several hrs and have to fight to get back to the dock. Winds out of the west in the AM may swing to the east in the PM..

2)think small fish until you're good with the yak and your load-out. A 10lb jack running 90deg to the beam will dump you in the water most riki tic..

3)think shallow,, you may find that sweet spot in the mangroves that is full of snapper that others ignore because their swantzs are TO BIG to bother.. Capish? and If you're going to eat it, have ice..

4)nothing wrong with live shrimp

5)shallow wet mangroves also hold some big Snook. When you feel your up to it, bring a casting or spinning out dressed in 50 lb braided line.

6)You may also find 30-100 lb Tarpon laid up on the warm grass bottom flats in 3-6ft water. Juveniles in the 5-15 lb range can be found along shallow sand flats...

7)rods,, bring at least 100,, no you can get by with 2 or 3.. qty 2, 15b spinning or bait casting, one 25lb mono or 50lb braided,, all 7ft light to medium stiff. Going back 5 miles to the dock because your only rod broke or reel seized,, not so good...

8)think safety, file a boat plan with friends you can trust to start looking for you,, within a week?? waterproof radio AND phone pouches.. ALWAYS WARE YOUR PFD

9)think of it as an over night recon/ambush, carry food & water, medical bits and rain gear.

10)spend time at the boat ramp/launch site,, watching the non-successful yak'ers, watch for what doesn't work,, make adjustment as required..

I have friends that have successfully landed 100+lb tarpon,, it only took 5000 trips to work out the kinks..

Have fun..

PS: bulls & hammerheads like shallow muddy water...
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