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Just figured I'd share this to see if it helped anyone else out. This is a setup for relatively long infils with low weight. All setup it weighs less than 30 pounds
  1. Smoke
  2. 4 Magazines with dump pouch
  3. Food Pouch
  4. GP Pouch with Narcs and signalling
  5. NVG pouch with mount, headlamp and flashlight
  6. 24 foot tubular nylon with 3 carabiners
  7. NARP CLS bag with ripshears
  8. Sam Splint taped behind kidney pad
  9. 3L water bladder
  10. 100 rounds 7.62 linked
  11. X2 mortars
I also roll with a fanny pack that has a stripped down cric kit, earpro, tourniquetX2, Chest Tube Kit, Cards, Pens and Diagnostics(small wrist BP and Pulse Ox). With an IFAK on everyone, this is more than enough supplies for operations ~80-100Px with two medics carrying this loadout. It also weighs half of what fully dedicated aidbags weigh and you can take out the CLS bag and roll with it standalone W/fanny pack if needed.
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