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Brick wall on Military Service

I was doing research on my Fathers military service.
I sent for his records using his DD214 and due to the fire they had there are no records. I know he was in the 11th SFG in the 60's. I remember when he got a telegram that the unit was being activated due to the Cuban Missile Crisis.
He never talked about his service like most true professionals you do what you do and don't ask for praise. Just after 9/11 we lost him to a long battle with cancer.
I have been going through papers my Mom gave me and I know he was in Japan with 11th Airborne 511th PIR but he stayed in Japan with the 8th Army when 11th went back to Germany. Then he went to Korea but I have no idea what unit he was with in the 8th or what happened till his discharge.
I thought I might work backwards if he would have to have given prior service records to the SF unit when he reenlisted. Which might give the unit he was assigned to in Korea. I have the discharge or end of contract from SF if anyone would like to take a look.
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