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I just wanted to introduce myself briefly. I am an 18x recruit from CT shipping to Ft.Benning on 150804 for OSUT and Jump School. Med cleared & swore in 2 days ago.

Really looking forward to having the opportunity to join the teams. I decided not to go my intended path of OCS - and dedided to saddle up for 18X. I will be graduating OSUT as an E4 Specialist (I have a degree obviously)

I am 26 years old and I am leaving a six figure job at Siemens here in CT. Honestly I think I finally figured out what I really hoped to do in life - and this is it.

I'll be getting married right before I ship - so hopefully my soon to be wife will be welcomed into the community with open arms if I get selected and make it through the Q-Course.

Some stats

APFT - 300
GT - 128
ASVAB - 88

That's all Gentlemen.
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