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Thank you, QP's

First, let me give thanks to those that have served, are serving and are going to serve. Without you, I couldn't be here today living the life I do and I mean that. I'm completely grateful and so very humbled by the sacrifices of those before me and after me.

I grew up under the guidance of Marines, a couple Soldiers and a mother that could whip the hell out of all of them, especially me. I'm a father, son, brother and husband. When my grandfather passed, he gave me two things I keep with me today - his '72 Chevy Pickup and stories from his time in Europe.

To hear him tell it, he was nothing less and nothing more than a Soldier. Through his distant recollections and the faded pages of his mind, he shared most of his stories with me at night sitting around a campfire. Not once did he ever talk about himself. He always talked about "the others" and how they were the heroes and how he "was just doing his job" for the ones to his left and right.

To me, he was my hero. Growing up, heroes weren't men in pads and a jersey. Their names were on the front of their uniform and stamped in metal or carved in granite. They hardly ever appeared on TV and were often never thanked by the media.

Their sacrifices sealed the fates of so many that would follow them. Their castles? At most, a tent. Their moats? A trench. A beach-front vacation was only a few seconds unless they survived their amphibious assault. They didn't dodge drafts, they dodged bullets and mortars.

I'm not sure how I could ever possibly contribute to this website, but I'll always give my most humble thanks to the QP's and my prayers to the Lord.

"Don't tell me what a good man should be. Don't tell me about his character or what should be in his heart - show me. And then show me again when I'm no longer here because I'll be watching." - my grandfather
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