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Re: ROTC to Warrant?

Originally posted by RyanRC187
I'll go ahead and introduce myself before I begin... I'm an Army ROTC Cadet at Florida State University. I actually just joined in April (I originally had plans to enlist under the 18X after I graduated). I'm a Russian major and will likely start taking Arabic in the fall.

While recently attending Leadership Training Camp in Ft. Knox I was able to speak with a few people about different possibilities about serving in a Team.

The one that interested me the most was that I could turn decline my commission as an Army officer after graduation and recieve a Warrant Officer slot. I heard this from several different sources.

To me however, it doesn't sound quite right, I very well may be wrong but I thought Warrant Officers were previously Enlisted personel who got slots to go through Warrant Officer School. Not to mention it doesn't seem right that a person with only ROTC experience and no actual military experience could get a slot.

If any of you have any information about this whatsoever it would be greatly appreciated. I've looked online for the past 2 days and have come up empty handed.

Thank you.
Your information is wrong.

You cannot "become" a 180A (SF Warrant Officer) without holding an SF Enlisted MOS, and several other requirements that are easily discovered by doing a Google search, or speaking with an SF Recruiter.

You may be able to do this with some other warrant branches, but not in SF.

It is pretty arrogant to assume that you can just elect to "become" SF qualified.

Odds are against you becoming an SF Officer either, since you have to serve credibly as an officer in another basic branch, then pass SFAS, the Infantry Captain's Career Course, Airborne School, the SFQC, BMLC, and SERE before getting to an ODA.

Haven't you asked this same question/stated this same desire elsewhere?

Good luck regardless.

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