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Originally Posted by Malone View Post
Thank you for the advice BlackSunrise. Question on the 5-mile run, do you mean one minute total or one minute per mile? Also, I will do my best to find some sandy places to train. I'll ask the 20th group guys if they know of any places as I am relatively close to their Alabama location.

On another note, I would say my grip strength is currently my biggest physical weakness that I am looking to improve as much as possible before I attend SFAS. However, I have some time to improve. I won't be able to attend selection until I finish my Ph.D., which I am about 7 months away from completing.

It turns out the 20th group representative would like me to attend their SFRE at the end of this month in light of my SFAS date constraint (I will have to go through again before selection sometime later this year..good practice!). That said, I am dedicating about two-three hours a day to training to ramp up before/after work.

After speaking with the 20th group representative, it seems their SFRE is focused on the APFT, rope climb, 12-mile ruck, land nav test, and 5-mile run. I score a 300 on my APFT, but I've been neglecting to ruck over the years, so I am going to be focusing on getting my feet hard, grip strength up, ruck time down, and 5-mile run down all while not neglecting the pushups and situps. I'm using a modified plan from the book Get Selected to try and train up as much as possible... intelligently but quickly. In regards to landnav, I am a 1LT, so may God have mercy on my soul.

All jokes aside, thank you all for the valuable information on this forum.

Today's workout:
  • 4-mile ruck with 45 lbs dry at 13:20/mile pace. Flat terrain for benchmarking purposes, will incorporate elevation and terrain (sand/offroad) moving forward. No issues with hotspots or blisters. Using toughfoot to try and speed up the hardening process.
  • 30-minute stretch session
  • 40x5 pushups. Each set under a minute, strict form.
  • 50x5 situps. Each set under a minute, strict form.

Tomorrow's workout:
  • 30-minute swim
  • 5x10 Pull-ups
  • 5x10 Shoulder Press (break into smaller sets as required)
  • 3x 45 lbs farmer carries (As far as I can go)
  • 1 min drills for max pushups and situps

Just a one minute drop on your overall 5mile time, not per mile...unless your actually from Kenya and are trying out for the next summer Olympics.

I understand you have some time and will be required to attend x2 pre-selection events, not bad actually-just remember to take proper recovery time after those. Give your body a rest after you break it ending injuries can occur if your over training and not letting your body recover.

You definitely need to maintain your ruck marches, sounds like your doing good research on what to do to toughen your feet, but nothing does it better than putting the weight and miles on them. Key thing is to determine what works for you now during training rather than at selection; there are a lot of options and recommendations out there, but does it work for you? With that said, figuring out what and how to actually take care of your feet when/ if they shit out on you is key. I saw a lot of guys doing crazy stuff to their feet...just completely insane because they didnít know how to work through blisters and hot spots once they got them (you can add water saturation and trench foot to the mix as well). At the end of the day if you canít walk on them, well...bye.

Your an LT so your screwed on landnav, find a solid NCO, Lol!

For me grip strength and shoulders were my weaknesses, I got through but painfully so. If your gonna be dumb, better be hard! Sounds like your well on your way though. Research and experiment now, Iím sure youíve seen the common theme throughout the forums. Best of luck.
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