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case in point

I am not qualified or entitled for an opinion on the overall matter, but thought that I'd add in a case in point example how the unit prep. pipeline affected me.

I enlisted through the A 2/20th SF through rep 63 back when they had it. Didn't have to but still attended their SFRE and did well based on the feedback I received. I went on to OSUT and airborne which I graduated.

I got back to training with the unit to prepare for the SFAS. There was at least a 4-6 month wait to go to SFAS class. I attended training weekends that were tremendous events with the team putting a lot of care and attention into the success of candidates

That being said, I felt that I was ready for SFAS, but kept putting out during drill weekends. Every Drill weekend was just as hard, if not harder than SFRE. During one of the evolutions I injured myself badly and was never able to fully recover from the injury (inoperable grade 3 PCL tear). I was later sent to an 11B unit because I was unable to fully recover.

The downside of the training pipeline and the breaks between Q phases sometimes transform what is designed as a 1.5-2 year pipeline into a 2.5-4 year pipeline. And while the training is designed to prepare you, it wears down the body and increases injury risk, especially since candidates are not getting younger.

I realize that I was unlucky and the needs of an individual are nothing in comparison to the needs of the team, but I really felt that my best shot at SFAS was right after OSUT and airborne. I wish I have had the opportunity to go straight through.

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