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SFG/UDT Randall Knife

Model 16 Diver Knife, A member of a Randall knife collectors club posted this knife. He is an admin and looking for further information. What follows is his text of information,

Below is a picture from a Model #16 Diver. It has an unlined thong hole and a seperate S stamp. That places it pretty tight between 1964 and 1968. The picture is of the shop etch on the back side of the blade.
"Ith. SFG / UDT"
The SFG is Special Forces Group
The UDT is Underwater Demolition Team. The UDT was the precursor to the Navy Seals.
My question surrounds the "Ith"
Do any of our Vets have any intel????
Thanks in advance.

Photograph follows in link,

I do not know how to paste his photograph, the link is from the Facebook collectors closed group.


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