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Graduate Study

I am an MS3 in ROTC. I will, barring a major change of events this year, be in the top 10% of the active duty qualifying cadets and will be choosing infantry. I am also looking into graduate programs from the Rhodes, Truman, and Marshall scholarships. Those are incredibly competitive, perhaps the Truman is the least. However, according to the person in charge of that at my college, I've got a pretty decent chance of getting one - nothing I could count on, but chances are ok.

My question is - what is the effect this would have on my applying for 18a when my year group comes up? I would commission at the normal time with everyone else, but I would go to post grad (in the UK or in the states depending) for 2-3 years, so my year group wouldn't be pushed back when I applied. I'd therefore have very little experience actually being an infantry officer - I'd probably go straight to do IBOLC, Ranger School, Airborne, and walk out O-3 promotable. So, do you think this would really hurt my chances, or would the diversity provided in having a (God-willing) Rhodes scholar at SFAS cause them to give me a shot? There are obviously no certain answers here, but advice from anyone with more knowledge would be a great help, and possibly affect any decisions I make in terms of going to grad school.
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