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Originally Posted by stevekoz View Post
Thanks, I've gotten a lot of different responses. some people who said it was no issue at all and others who said they had a lot of difficulty and to "put it in your contract". At this point, do you know of anything that I can put in my contract to ensure I get an opportunity to tryout?
This reply may be a little late, but there is no way to "put it in your contract".
Your enlistment contract for the Guard can guarantee you an MOS, a specific UIC, and a specific amount of time. That's it.
The only Guard contract that guarantees SF is a Rep 63 contract, or the extension you do to go to SFQC.

But like active duty, where a commander cannot prevent someone for volunteering for SFAS, a Guard commander cannot prevent someone for volunteering for SFRE or SFAS.

If you are in contact with a unit for a SFRE, and you are having trouble getting released by your unit, talk to the SF Readiness NCO, and he will talk to your Readiness NCO. And if he cannot convince him to play nice, then what we do next is have our CSM contact your 1SG, or an LTC contact your commander too remind them that in the Army, you are, in fact, allowed to volunteer for shit.
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