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Originally Posted by stevekoz View Post
QP's and those that have attended the Readiness Assessment...

I was initially pursuing an 18X contract for Indiana and the A/2/20th. However after a few weeks talking to the recruiter and then to the SFC for the unit I was informed that the Rep-63 was not an option.
My only options would be 11B or 92R. Then tryout.
I am fully willing to go the 11B route and attend the readiness assessment. My only concern is that when I get to my unit after basic and AIT, that I am not released to attend. My question is how difficult is it to be released to attend the SFRA weekend?
A little background info... I would be enlisting as an E-4, non-prior service, 11B.
A note on this. My initial Guard unit did not allow me to attend an SFRE for almost 2 years after checking in. From my experience, there is no guarantee that your "home" unit will let you attend in a timely manner. I was not a critical skills MOS, just an 11B. But, after much patience it all worked out.
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